DebConf11 attendees will be staying in Hotel Bosnia, which is located in center of the town, just across the venue building, Banski Dvor.


  • The paid sponsorship covers night of the 30th to 31st July. You will have to check yourself out before 12:00 PM of the 31st July
  • For directions visit Getting to Banja Luka
  • If you want to know what to bring read Welcome (wiki)
  • Some practical information
  • For exact ammount of money in €, use Currency converter (external source) and select KM (convertible mark) as base currency.
  • If you have specific questions, don't hesitate to direct them to

Primary Accommodation

Name : Hotel Bosna
Address : Ulica Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića br. 97, 78000 Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Federacija BiH
Contact phone : ++ 387 51 215 775
Contact fax : ++ 387 51 215 717
Contact mail : SendMail
Website :

In Hotel Bosnia following types of rooms are available:

  • Single room: One single-person bed per room
  • Double room: Two single-person beds or one large bed per room
  • Apartments

More detailed information on the rooms can be found on the Accommodations (wiki).

In the "Room preference" field of the "general" tab of your penta account, please indicate your preferences for roommates and/or suitemates as well as one of the following:

  • Single ( 115KM - 160KM / ~ 57€ - 80€ per night )
  • Double ( 160KM - 220KM / ~ 80€ - 110€ per person per night )
  • Apartments ( 210KM - 560KM / ~ 105€ - 280€ per night )

Costs in parentheses are for those paying for conference-provided housing on a per-night basis. The national tax of 17 % is included in all prices. Sponsored, Professional, and Corporate attendees who wish to have a double for one person should contact the organizers for pricing details.

Photo Gallery
Hotel Bosna frontside
Lounge and Relax area
Double room
Hotel frontside
Lounge & Relax area
Double room
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Information for those attendees who wish to obtain alternative accommodations is also available: