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Documents made by Local Team
Sponsorship Brochure LQ [en]
Sponsorship Brochure HQ [en]
Sponsorship Brochure OQ [en]
Sponsorship Brochure LQ [ba]
Sponsorship Brochure HQ [ba]
Sponsorship Brochure OQ [ba]
Latest version of the sponsorship brochure produced by Local Team. Available are low quality (~6Mb), high quality (~8MB) and original version for printing(~240Mb). All versions are avilable on both English and Bosnian, for global and local market respectively.
Plan and Program [en]
Plan and Program [ba]
Document made by Local Team in order to introduce Debain and DebConf to the Government of Republika Srpska. It explains various details regarding organization of the Conference, its requirements, logistics and effort needed, as wall as stating some of the possible benefits. Original document was written in Bosnian, but it was some time later translated to English.
Official documents
Government Memorandum [en, ba] This is the official Government document stating their financial support for DebConf11. The document was signed by then Prime Minister, now the President of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik.
SARNET letter [en] With this letter SARNET (Academic and Research Network of Republic of Srpska) oblige themselves to provide network coverage (bandwith 1Gbps), as well as the needed technical assistance during the conference.
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