How can I help?

There are various ways you can help us promote, organise and host DebConf11


Since DebConf event is organised by volunteers, its quality strongly depends on effort by these volunteers and as such every help is appreciated. If you are wondering how and what exactly can you help with, here is the list of some of our teams which could always use a hand:

  • Sponsorship Team: Sponsorship, advertising, brochures and all other related issues
  • Registration team: Announcements about registration. Set up & help people with pentabarf, produce estimates of attendance
  • Budget Team: Watch IRC and lists, record estimated expenses and income into a budget
  • Website Team: Maintaining the website and wiki
  • Talk Selection: Call for talks, get submissions, rate them, select them
  • Scheduling: Produce the initial schedule in advance of the conference
  • Video Team: Handle video team coordination
  • Travel Team: Coordinating arrivals/departures, finding best routes, mapping
  • Visa team: Publish visa information for attendees, produce invitation letters
  • Design Team: Designing various promotional material

These are just some of many teams needed for the conference to go as smoothly as possible. Each of these teams has one or more leaders, who coordinate efforts of their team. However, due to responsibilities and liabilities for some of them you may need previous experience or at least had some work done for previous DebConfs. If you can help, feel free to add yourself to the Teams list on our wiki along with a method of contacting you (usually people just leave their IRC nicks alongside their names).


As volunteer based organisation, we highly depend on our sponsors to provide a financial backbone for the conference. Each year we make brochures with various sponsorship information for anyone interested in participating. If you're interested in sponsoring DebConf11 or at least curious please read our Brochure or contact us trough