Getting to Banja Luka

Getting to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Finding the best possible route may be a problem for some.

Travel coordination

Some people prefer coming in groups. If you are interested in coordinated travel, add yourself to the wiki list for:

If however you are planning on arriving or departing in time before or after the official dates of the conference, add yourself here.

Getting to Banja Luka

Please read following articles which will provide detailed explanation of where to go after the arrival. Choose the location you are coming from:

Once in city

Once you arrive, you will have to check in the hotel and at the DebConf front desk, separately. There is no particular order, but you should probably do the hotel first to leave the baggage behind. Hotel front desk is open 24/7. One of our local team members will be there to ensure you're checked in as 'DC attendee'. After you check in the hotel, proceed to check in the DebConf front desk at the venue building. The front desk hours at Banski Dvor will be 09:00 - 00:00 during DebCamp and 09:00 - 02:00 during the conference. All the information about talk schedules, hacklabs and workshops can be found here.

Contact Information

Contact information can be found at Contact page.


Smaller maps made by Local Team:

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