Banski Dvor

Name : Banski Dvor / Bans Palace
Address : Culture Center Banski Dvor, Trg srpskih vladara 2, 78000, Banja Luka, Republika Srpska, Federacija BiH
Contact phone : will be added during DebCamp

Practical information

  • Map of local area, marked by (3)
  • Map of the city
  • Building plan, will be added soon
  • Talks schedule, will be added soon
  • Contact details, will be added soon
  • more will be added as soon as the DebCamp starts

Technical information

  • Capacity:
    • Large conference room: 400
    • Assembly (small conference) room: 100
    • Two large wardrobe/luggage rooms
  • Accessibility:
    • Main and side entrances
    • Elevator
    • We will install ramps all over Banski Dvor for full accessibility for attendees with handicap
    • Parking slots 50m to the east (capacity: 80, daily price: 3KM / 1,5€ )
    • Parking for attendees staying at hotel Bosna (30 or so meters away)
  • Technical equipment:
    • All power sockets are German style CEE7/4 Schuko.


"Banski Dvor - Culture Centre" was built in the 1930s as a spot of residence for the Bans of the Vrbas Banovina. It is a representative building in the very centre of the city. The National Assembly is inside, along with a concert hall, gallery, state television, and a restaurant. Most of the main cultural and political events nowadays takes place inside of the building. In past building used to serve as governmental building where officials had offices; now that space is being used for various art exhibitions. This area would be great for one big hack-lab.

Photo Gallery
Banski Dvor frontside Large conference room Assembly room
Banski Dvor frontside
Large conference room
Assembly room
Photo Gallery
Small conference room Press release centre City Map
Small conference room
Press release centre
City Map, marked by (3)